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19-37 Delaware Ave
Passaic, NJ


Founded in 1952 and incorporated in  1976 Acme Engraving has been serving the printing industries for 50+ years, is second generation owned with expectations to continue under third generation leadership.  We provide a complete engraving service offering the finest quality and service in the industry.
  • Rotogravure engraving for Decorative, Packaging and Specialty industries
  • Rotary screen engraving for Decorative and Apparel industries via laser, conventional, and galvano processes.
  • Flat screen engraving for custom Decorative design industries.
  • Flexographic surface engraving

We have a 30,000 square foot multi-floor  building at 19-37 Delaware Avenue, Passaic, New Jersey containing the operating manufacturing plant, Sales Division and Corporate Headquarters and a Service Bureau located in Killingly, Connecticut, in a 200 year old historic oak beamed textile mill.




Our locations contain state of the art technology and equipment including 2 Epson flat bed scanners, 2 Hell Chronograph Drum Scanners (341 and 345), Epson 10000 printer, 2 Barco systems, 2 Helio Klischographs with Aabach Digital Interface, Iris Proofer, Polish-master and 14 computer design systems, encompassing diverse PowerMacs and PC's, internet access and file download capabilities.


Current capacity at our manufacturing plant and two service bureau divisions average at per week quantities of 75 to 100 rotogravure rollers, 250 rotary screens, 60 flat screens and the potential for 50 flexographic surface engravings.  Each division is currently running 2 full-time shifts with highly skilled technicians and artists on staff and we have the ability to effectively expand to a third shift to meet production demands.


Multiple modes of transportation are available depending on our customer's needs:
2003 GMC W4 Rack Body Truck 14,500 lb GVW Chevy Suburban Delivery Wagon Mitsubishi Series FE Rack Body Truck 11,000 lb GVW


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